Release History

  • April 30, 2005

    Version 2.0.1 build 159

    • Added: Italian language. Thanks to Gogo from Italy
    • Added: Polish language. Thanks to Szymon Ogrodnik from Poland
    • Fixed: Spelling mistake. Thanks to Tim
    • Fixed: Minor bug fixed
  • March 30, 2005

    Version 2.0 build 150

    • Added: an opportunity scanning ranges of ports.
    • Added: batch scanning TCP of ports.
    • Added: gathering information about network adapters.
    • Added: reading HTTP-banners with determined TCP ports and format НТТР-request.
    • Added: a tag for properties of port "Is Trojan port".
    • Added: support of XML format - load and save.
    • Added: LanSpy registers itself in system, for opening XML files from the menu "Open with LanSpy... ".
    • Added: import of files XML the command line. A key "-o". For example: lanspy -o "repоrt.xml".
    • Added: import of ranges from LanScope.
    • Added: item of the menu "execute the command".
    • Added: a choice of alternative programs for opening resources.
    • Added: the information about version Internet Explorer and DirectX.
    • Added: operation of gathering network statistics about the server and a workstation.
    • Added: the option "Minimize to tray on the pressure the button [X]".
    • Added: the option "Animate icon in the tray while scanning".
    • Added: the option "Start minimized".
    • Added: minimization to tray.
    • Added: the command "Another LanSpy".
    • Added: in a history for one operation allocate one line.
    • Added: the option "Clear result before scanning".
    • Added: the menu of a choice of language of the interface of the program.
    • Changed: design of dialogue "Options"
    • Changed: in dialogue "Options" on a tab "Port scanning", new tabsheet "Parameters" and "Banners grabbing" are added.
    • Changed: dialogue for editing ports properties.
    • Changed: in dialogue "Options" on a tabsheet "Operation", icons for operations are displayed.
    • Changed: dialogue "Creation addresses list".
    • Changed: preservation of results in HTML (it is possible "To use" inclusion of the old report in adjustments "use "old" style Export to HTML").
    • Changed: processing of mistakes is expanded.
    • Fixed: resolving long NetBios names.
    • Fixed: display REG_MULTI_SZ of lines from the registry.
  • March 16, 2004

    Version 1.2.1 build 49

    • Added: check to presence of the firewall (at UDP port scanning)
    • Added: dialogues for input IP ranges
    • Fixed: opportunity of parallel start of the program
  • March 11, 2004

    Version 1.2 build 45

    • Added: the Multilanguage interface (tnx
    • Added: adjustments of scanned ports is added.
    • Added: scanning UDP and TCP ports.
    • Added: opportunity to open a host as WWW server, FTP server and TELNET.
    • Added: button of addition of the local address, and the button of formation of a range of addresses of a network of rank B and C.
    • Added: in adjustments of operations a plural mark or removal of a mark at pressed button Ctrl.
    • Added: in a broad gully general time of scanning of a range of addresses was not displayed.
    • Added: restriction of history of scanned addresses.
    • Added: reception of processes from the remote computer.
    • Added: tags in dialogue of options to check computers with 0 address and 255.
    • Added: Hot Keys.
    • Added: Item of the menu : What New?.
    • Fixed: the MAC address of a computer taking place in the other segment ethernet networks was not defined.
  • Oct. 31, 2003

    Version 1.0 build 23

    • First public release
Product Info
2.0.1 build 159
April 30, 2005
License: Freeware