A significant renewal of manufacturer MAC address database

Oct 14, 2019

We pleased to announce that we enlarged a quantity of recognized manufacturers of network hardware, this number is increased almost by 50%. Earlier manufacturer data was stored as a list in a plain text file and it consisted of only large manufacturers data. Now the database is complete and stores data about all registered manufacturers (more than 37 000 records). We are using the following IEEEE registries for database filling (https://regauth.standards.ieee.org/standards-ra-web/pub/view.html#registries):

  • MAC Address Block Large (MA-L)
  • MAC Address Block Medium (MA-M)
  • MAC Address Block Small (MA-S)
  • Company ID (CID)
  • Individual Address Block (IAB)

Earlier search of manufacturer was only with 24-bit Organizationally Unique Identifier (OUI) (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Organizationally_unique_identifier) (MA-L registry). Now registries from 28-bit OUI (MA-M) and 36-bit OUI (MA-S) are included in database. You may find more information about OUI by clicking the following link https://standards.ieee.org/content/dam/ieee-standards/standards/web/documents/tutorials/eui.pdf

Usually manufacturers of hardware produced by limited quantity are included in MA-M and MA-S registries but these devices quantities are still great MA-M is up to 1,048,576 devices, MA-s – is up to 4096 devices

All information from registries is stored to SQLite database. Using the database makes a search faster and the search result is comprehensive. Because of using OUI with different bit quantity, also search algorithm in database is renewed fully.

The new database and the algorithm are included in our software from the following versions - Wi-Fi Scanner 4.7, Find MAC Address 6.9, and Change MAC Address 3.7.

The database will be updated in every software release and new manufacturers will be included.