Wi-Fi Scanner supports 802.11ax and 160MHz

Nov 18, 2020

Finally Wi-Fi Scanner is 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) compatible. Now Wi-Fi Scanner will recognize and display 802.11ax capable networks and 160 MHz channel width.

In this release, we have made several improvements to Wi-Fi Scanner:

  • Added: Support 802.11ax
  • Added: Parsing HE Capability Information field (802.11ax)
  • Added: Parsing HE Operation element (802.11ax)
  • Added: Filter wireless networks by 802.11ax mode
  • Updated: Naming channels for 802.11ac and 802.11ax
  • Fixed: Calculating channels for 160Mhz
  • Fixed: Drawing spectrum for 160Mhz
  • Updated: Calculating bitrate for 802.11ac
  • and much more

The new version of Wi-Fi Scanner is available to download at the program page https://lizardsystems.com/wi-fi-scanner/