You can use this dialog box to specify the default parameters of the software.


  • Columns — defines how computers will be displayed in the list of scan results.
  • Clear list before find MAC address — if the checkbox is selected, the results of the previous scan, as well as the scan log, will be cleared each time you start a new scan.
  • Inverse log order - inverts message order in log.


  • Threads - allows to change threads number for finding mac addresses.
  • Device name - allows to select what computer name to find:
    • Don't find device name
    • DNS Name
    • Netbios name
      • Detect DNS name if Netbios name failed
  • Timeout — you can specify the time the software should wait for the remote computer to respond to your request, the time is specified in milliseconds. If the computer does not respond to the request within the specified time, it is considered inactive and it is not scanned.

Check state

This tab contains the parameters of checking the state of the computers being scanned.

You can use this tab to select how the software should check the state of the remote computer. Before scanning a computer, the software checks its state. If the computer is switched off, it will not be scanned and its MAC address will not be found. There are two ways to check the state of a computer — a ping or a connection to the specified port.

  • Don't check state — the state of the computer will not be checked. No matter whether the computer is switched on or off, the software will try to find its MAC address.
  • Ping — a ping is used to check the state of the computer.
  • TCP Connect to port — a connection to the specified port is used to check the state of the computer. The port number must be greater than 1 and less than 65535.
  • Don't check state if ARP, Netbios or SNMP method is used.

Column Settings


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