The toolbar allows you to quickly access the main features of the software.

  • Find MAC address — Start the process of scanning and finding the MAC addresses of computers according to the parameters specified in the Panel Target and Method sections.
  • Stop process — Stop the process of scanning and finding the MAC address.
  • MAC Address Manufacturer Lookup — lookup MAC Address Manufacturer in program database.
  • Load list from file — Load previously saved scan results from XML.
  • Save list to file — Save the scan results to XML.
  • Find in list — Open the Find in list dialog box.
  • Copy to clipboard — Copy the selected line with scan results into the clipboard.
  • Export — Save the scan results in the format that can be read in other applications.
  • Clear list — Clear the scan results and the scan log.
  • Preferences — Open the Preferences dialog box.
  • Online help – Open the help page on the program site.
  • Homepage – Open the application homepage.
  • About… – Show brief information about the program.

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April 24, 2023
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