Remote Process Explorer 21.04

Date: April 6, 2021

  • Added: Kill process tree.
  • Added: Send message to all sessions.
  • Added: Send message to session.
  • Added: Shadow session for selected process.
  • Added: Connect to remote desktop on connected server.
  • Added: Terminate session for selected process.
  • Added: Send message tool to Administrative tools.
  • Added: Remote shutdown tool to Administrative tools.
  • Changed: Remote Process Explorer is changing its versioning and now using Calendar Versioning.
  • Updated: Ability to change user credentials for remote shutdown tool.
  • Updated: Set hierarchical view of processes at start the program.
  • Updated: Add login password for shutdown command.
  • Updated: Process filter. Store default filter choice for different columns.
  • Fixed: Program is not displayed properly on integrated screen after removing external screen.
  • Fixed: Detecting process owner.
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