How to create snapshot of your wireless network environment?

If you want to know how your wireless network and its environment are changing, you may use our new tool to save and open snapshots. Snapshot is a shot of your wireless network and your neighbor wireless networks.

Making such snapshots regularly allows you to analyze your network’s changes, to fix a bug and to detect rouge access points quickly and efficiently. Wireless environment is changing all the time so you may use snapshots while planning channel using. You may make snapshots at office, at home and other places to analyze different wireless environments at back office. In addition, snapshots are useful during analyzing network failure you may send snapshots to specialists or your colleagues for detail analysis.

It is easy to find snapshot tools. Open File menu, click   ”Save snapshot” or “Open snapshot”.  


After clicking “Open snapshot”, you see a warning that current scanning results will be deleted and scanning will be paused. After you have clicked OK the snapshot will be loaded to result table.

After loading snapshot, you may view and analyze wireless networks in snapshot. Then you may enable autoscanning for updating networks.

 We recommend making snapshots weekly for your home or corporate networks. It allows you to analyze networks easily if errors occur.


Mar 25, 2021

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