You can use this dialog box to configure the program. The preferences are divided into 3 groups located on tabs.


You can use this tab to specify the general program preferences.

  • At startup don’t show Wizard if computer list is empty - Once started, the program checks if there are any computers in the list. If there are no computers in the list, you will be offered to start the Add Computers Wizard. If you want to disable this feature, select the “Don’t show Wizard if computer list is empty” checkbox.

Computer list

You can specify the computer list preferences on this tab.

Show computer caption as

You can select how to display computer names in the list. Available options:

  • Description (Computer name)
  • Computer name (Description)
  • Computer name
  • Description

Automatically update list every

If you select this checkbox, the program will update the state of computers (on/off) using the specified time interval. The state of computers is checked with the methods selected in the properties of each computer. If you do not select this checkbox, all computers in the list will be shown as active (on).

Process list

You can specify the process list preferences on this tab.

  • Update Speed - You can use this section to set update intervals for the process list. The values are specified in seconds and show the interval between attempts to update the process list. If your network bandwidth is low, you should reduce these values.
  • Auto update process list - If you clear this checkbox, the process list will not be updated automatically. In this case, you will have to update the list manually using the “Refresh processes” command.
  • Don't show 0% CPU usage - CPU usage is not shown for the process with 0% CPU usage
  • Show fractional CPU usage - CPU usage is shown with fractional part
  • Time range of graph - Time range of graph could be changed

If you click OK, you will apply all the specified preferences.


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