Process Properties

You can use this dialog box to view all process properties.

  • Image Name - process name
  • PID - Global process identifier that is used to identify a process. The value is valid from the time a process is created until it is terminated.
  • Parent PID - Unique identifier of the process that creates a process. Process identifier numbers are reused, so they only identify a process for the lifetime of that process.
  • Handles - Total number of handles that the process has open. This number is the sum of the handles currently opened by each thread in the process.
  • Threads - Number of active threads in a process. An instruction is the basic unit of execution in a processor, and a thread is the object that executes an instruction. Each running process has at least one thread.
  • Priority - Scheduling priority of a process within an operating system. The higher the value, the higher priority a process receives. Priority values can range from 0 (zero), which is the lowest priority to 31, which is highest priority.
  • Path - Command line used to start a specific process, if applicable.
  • User Name - the user name of the owner of this process.
  • Session ID - Unique identifier that an operating system generates when a session is created. A session spans a period of time from logon until logoff from a specific system.
  • VM Size
  • CPU -
  • CPU Time
  • Mem Usage
  • Peak Mem Usage
  • Page Faults
  • Paged Pool
  • NP Pool
  • I/O Writes
  • I/O Reads
  • I/O Read Bytes
  • I/O Write Bytes
  • I/O Other
  • I/O Other Bytes
  • Start Time -

Kill Process


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