Main Window

The main window of the program consists of four areas.

  1. Menu and toolbar provide access to program control commands.
  2. Computer list – allows to create a structured computer list available for quick monitoring connection. 
  3. Information panel – shows lists of connected servers, users, sessions, processes. Also, the panel shows parameters for each object, such as CPU usage, Memory etc.
  4. This section shows parameter summary information and graphics for objects selected in information panel.

When a user creates a session by connecting to a remote desktop from a client computer, the following information is available in Terminal Services Manager:

  • On the Servers tab, information about terminal server, such as how much server resources (CPU and memory) they are using.
  • On the Users tab, information about the users connected to the remote desktop services server, such as the name of the user account that is logged on to the session.
  • On the Sessions tab, information about the sessions running on the remote desktop services server, such as whether the session is active.
  • On the Processes tab, information about which programs are running in the user's session on the remote desktop services server.


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