LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager: A Powerful Tool for Remote Desktop Management

LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager is a powerful and user-friendly tool designed to manage multiple remote desktop connections and sessions in a Windows environment. This software simplifies the process of managing and monitoring remote desktop connections, allowing IT administrators to efficiently manage their network resources.

Key Features of LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager

The Terminal Services Manager is equipped with a range of features that make remote desktop management simple and efficient. Some of the key features of the tool include:

  1. Remote Desktop Management: LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager enables administrators to manage multiple remote desktop connections from a single location. It allows you to view, and terminate active sessions, as well as logoff and disconnect from remote desktops.
  2. User Management: With this software, you can view and manage users who are currently connected to remote desktops. You can view their sessions, log them off, or disconnect them. This feature makes it easy to manage user access to your network resources.
  3. Process Management: Administrators can view and manage the processes running on each remote desktop session, including starting and stopping processes.
  4. Performance Monitoring: LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager provides real-time monitoring of system performance and resource usage. It allows you to view and monitor system performance data, such as CPU and memory usage.
  5. Session Shadowing: Administrators can shadow or take control of a user's remote desktop session for assistance or training purposes.

Benefits of LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager

  1. Simplified Remote Desktop Management: The tool provides easy access to remote desktop sessions and allows administrators to quickly view and manage multiple sessions simultaneously.
  2. Improved Efficiency: With the ability to manage multiple remote desktop connections and sessions from a single location, administrators can improve their efficiency and productivity.
  3. Improved User Experience: Administrators can shadow remote desktop sessions to provide assistance and training to users, improving their overall experience.
  4. Enhanced Performance: Real-time monitoring of system performance and resource usage allows administrators to identify and troubleshoot performance issues quickly.


LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager is an essential tool for IT administrators managing remote desktop connections in a Windows environment. Its powerful features and user-friendly interface make it easy to manage and monitor multiple remote desktop connections, improving efficiency, security, and performance. With LizardSystems Terminal Services Manager, you can streamline your remote desktop management and ensure that your network resources are being used effectively.

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